Reflec Beat – nová BEMANI hra

Konami dnes pustila novou testlokaci, ale ne již známého titulu jsou v předchozích dnech, ale úplně nového.

Jedná se o hudební hru REFLEC BEAT. Zatím není moc informací známo, vše je velmi čerstvé a informace se dostávají ven průběžně. Zde je přehled novinek, které se budu snažit průběžně aktualizovat.

30.4.2010 9:00 – oznámení hry, jeden poster  a název Reflec Beat.

30.4.2010 10:40 – dvě fotky zobrazující arkádu a how to play. Taky vám to připadá jako Technika ripoff?

30.4.2010 11:30 – pár textových detailů (end, od

In what came as a surprise to location test goers today, along with testing the newest builds of DanceDanceRevolution X2 and jubeat knit, Konami also decided to include a previously unannounced BEMANI game for players coming to Kawasaki.

Very little is known about this newest addition to the BEMANI series, as it has only been in testing for a few hours now. Gameplay details are pretty dry right now, but there appear to be songs by kors k, TAG, and Nekomata Master as well as some crossover songs (such as smoooooch) and songs from BEMANI artist albums (such as Juicy from the recently released kors k album „Ways For Liberation“.

We’ll try to get more details on this game as soon as we can get them.

Played it today, it’s not a motion sense game or anything, nor is it technika. It’s basically advanced ping pong, and the notes go back and forth to the music. You either battle other players via eamuse/locally or play a CPU who will probably rape you.

The song list is really good, but there were only like 7 songs available. The timing windows are tight, it has just timing, great, good, and miss I guess. Was interesting, it FELT like technika but is by no means anything the same. Rating system out of 10.

In addition to the songs already posted, the TAG song is called Diamond Dust and is hot as shit. New capsule song too, same banner as more more more from jubeat ripples. It was Jumper. Starmine yellowtail remix, kors k’s gymnopiede, smooch, some J-pop song, TAG’s song, and capsule’s song. Can’t recall if there were more.

And yeah, basically just knock notes back and forth. You do not PLAY the music. When you hit the notes it makes ouendan-esque clash noises. There are hold notes.


30.4.2010 13:30 – další info od (thx to Bacon & DAZ-Y3)

  • Multi-touch based touch screen with an estimated 5 simultaneous touches register.
  • A 2 player game with two machines linked together. If a second player is not available a CPU player is forced.
  • Each touch screen is 16:10, longer in height than width, at an estimated 20” in size.
  • Player 1 has a red coloured bar across bottom of their screen and Player 2 has a blue coloured bar across bottom of their screen.
  • At the start of each game, the music begins and a ring shaped note appears in the center of each screen. The note travels from the center to the players bottom bar. The player touches the bottom bar when and where ever the note meets the bar to beat of the music. If the note is hit, it changes to the colour of the player and bounces back to the opponent. The rate in which the note moves from each players bar depends on the music: ie, if the bpm slows down after the player hits the note, the note will then move more slowly towards their opponent’s bar. It was not clarified where the note appears again if the note is missed, details later. Your opponent scores if you miss a note and vice versa.
  • Types of notes include Hold notes and “Chain” notes which are two notes connected with a line that must be hit with two fingers. After the notes bounce back they can split into multiples or disappear depending on the song.
  • It was said that judgments and timing exist for when you hit each note and where your finger hits above or below the bar although I don’t have any other details on this.
  • Some of you might have heard or played a game on Xbox Live titled Boom Boom Rocket (video). This game play sounds very similar, although with the addition of two players Reflec Beat makes for a much more interesting experience.
    We hope that we have provided accurate details of the game play. It is very hard to understand how this game works without having any videos on hand. The information provide should at least be the basics, but some details might have been lost in translation.

Z původního nápadu s Technikou se nám spíš stala Pongmania IIDX 😉

..Next info – TBA..

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