DWI simulátor má parametry

Ani jsem netušil, že DWI bude mít parametry. Nu což, má. Tady jsou

Command-line options

You can run DWI with various command line options to configure some values. (Please read the FAQ for details on how to start the program with command line options). These options are available:

/sdl Starts DWI in the software-only graphics mode.
/16bpp Runs DWI in 16-bit colour mode (SDL), or uses a 16-bit primary surface (DirectX)
/32bpp Runs DWI in 32-bit colour modes/32-bit primary surface.
/fullscreen Runs DWI in fullscreen mode (may need to use to start on some cards)
/window Runs DWI in a window. Some cards won’t support this so DWI will try fullscreen.
/log Creates a ‚dance.log‘ file that can be useful for debugging.
/anysize In DirectX mode, this tries to make textures in any size, rather than creating textures to the nearest power-of-two value (ie. a 75×60 image is loaded into a texture that big instead of a 128×64 one). This can speed up performance on some cards and save memory, if your card can handle it.
/sw In SDL mode, surfaces are created in regular memory (default)
/hw In SDL mode, surfaces are created in hardware memory (can improve performance if your card can handle it).
/priority:x can force DWI to run as a more „important“ program under Windows. „1“ starts it as „ABOVE NORMAL“, „2“ is „TIME CRITICAL“. May improve performance in certain cases. (Use with caution if you’re running many other processes at the same time).
/sdevice:x tells DWI to use a given sound-device. Use „/log“ and look in dance.log first for a list of available sound-devices.
/fps:xx makes DWI try to stay at a given framerate (20..100). If you’ve got a fast machine, this can really save on computer cycles.
/showsm will add songs with only SMANIAC steps to the song-select screen.
/skipsearch will prevent DWI from searching the Songs folder at startup.
/dither:0 will turn off the dithering effect DWI uses for semi-transparent images on old videocards that can’t handle them. Some users may prefer this to remove the ‚speckles‘ in the gameplay graphics.

You can limit paging to virtual memory during gameplay (which can cause skips as Windows decides to write or retrieve data from disk) using these flags:

/minRAM:xx Instructs DWI to try to reserve at least this much physical memory from the Operating System. *
/maxRAM:xx Instructs DWI to try to reserve at most this much physical memory from the Operating System. *

* Only works in Windows NT, 2000, and XP. Default is 16-32MB.

Use these flags to fix strange behavior in DWI…

/key:nonexclusive affect how DirectInput is initialized. Should be paired with one of /key:fg or /key:bg
/key:fg affect how DirectInput is intialized.
/altcombo for reasons known to the heavens and my machine in the basement, DWI would not display the ‚lives‘ image in Nonstop Mode, instead locking up the computer. I’m convinced this is a videocard/driver issue, as the code to draw the image is exactly the same as the code to display any other image… but oh well. Using this command line argument will tell DWI to not try to display the image and instead write „X Lives“ in its place, which seemed to make it work. Strange… but the option’s there in case you run into the problem too.
/v5hack some Voodoo card drivers seem to allocate space for textures incorrectly (off by one) – this should hopefully fix the problem.
/altmovie Uses an alternate way of drawing the background movies and visualizations for older videocards that display solid-colour textures instead.
/noshade Prevents the extra shading effect on the song-select wheel from being added.

Testing a song

/test:… You can start DWI in test/developer mode by using the „/test:…“ command line argument. Provide the *folder* the .dwi file is in.
/style:… use this set of steps (SINGLE, DOUBLE, SOLO). Default is SINGLE.
/level:… use this level of steps (BASIC, ANOTHER, MANIAC, SMANIAC). Default is BASIC.
/p2 test using player 2’s controls instead.
/speed:X starts song at a given speed (1..5)
/scroll:X starts song with given speed modifier (0.5, 0.75, 1.5, 2, 3, etc.)
/startat: jumps to a given time into the song (game-time). can be given in minutes, seconds, or milliseconds.
ie. /startat:1:05.5 (minutes)
/startat:65.5 (seconds)
/startat:65500 (ms) – all the same position.

/tick:1 turns the assist click on at startup (default is off).
/dark hides the fixed-place arrows during testing.


„DWI.exe /test:.\Songs\Development\MyNewSong /style:SINGLE /level:MANIAC /p2 /speed:4 /scroll:2 /startat:1:00“

Starts testing the .dwi file found in \songs\development\mynewsong, in SINGLE mode, with MANIAC-level steps. Player 2’s controls are used, and the song’s speed is set to ‚4‘. Arrows are displayed as though the „x2“ modifier was active. The song starts at the 1-minute mark.

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