IIDX 16 – plné znění unlocků

IIDX 16 – plné znění unlocků

Je venku plné znění unlocku na hru beatmaniaIIDX16 EMPRESS & PREMIUM BEST (PS2) (Japan).

EDIT: Ok, tak překlad (aspoň do angličtiny):

First, you need to set your ARCADE RIVAL LIST of five in the following order:

1 – 「BEAT」
2 – 「MANIA」
3 – 「IIDX」
4 – 「16」
5 – 「SECRET」

Next, make an original EXPERT course titled „BEATFREE“ using any songs at any difficulty to fill it. Once you play and pass this course, watch the full credits sequence until the end. After you do all this, the game should be fully unlocked for your enjoyment.

Lists everything it unlocks:

  • All secret songs on both discs
  • All Black ANOTHERS on both discs
  • All CUSTOMIZE items

It unlocks more than the BEATFREE code did in DJ TROOPERS.

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