JukeBeat – Test location USA verze Jubeat Ripless

Máme tu další hudební hru a nese název – JukeBeat. Aktuálně se objevila jedna test lokace v severní Americe. Jedná se o západní verze od japonského Jubeat ripples.

Podobá se jí vzhledem (vlastně je to přesná US verze k jb ripples) a písničky jsou více anglického ražení. Hraní je zde mírně dražsí (4 tokeny za 1 skoladbu, které má 1m30s – no, to se ale na TL stává).

Přeji mnoho úspěchů.
PS: HDD AC je I44:U:A:A:2009101300

Následuje skupinka fotek:
(btw, na TL se většinou nesmí fotit – Konami)

Trochu videí:

A další informace + songlist:
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Not long ago we reported that Konami was taking a second stab at a North American jubeat Location test, this time under the name „jukebeat“. This version of the game is based on the jubeat ripples interface and features a songlist comprised mostly of original English licensed tracks. It’s clear the second you see the attract mode on the machine that jukebeat was the selected name so they can market the machine as an interactive Jukebox. How this will tie into e-amusement and an overall release plan is yet to be seen, but one can bet that if this game does see an actual release the addition of updates with new songs is inevitable.

At this test the game was set to 1 song for 4 tokens, which at roughly 1:30 per song seems like a lot of money. Especially when compared to the 3 minutes you get from a game of Guitar Hero AC. This may not be the final pricing structure, and given the nature of the test itself and Konami’s apparent desire to keep it somewhat under wraps (we have no idea when it started, or when it will end) that they may be using it as another way to get accurate public play results. Whatever the case may be, the pricing structure as it stands is a little whacked.

It was clear that these were the same machines from the UBeat location test earlier in the year with new marquees and a new instruction card panel. The 2nd cabinet was non-functional due to a messed up coin slot. Also of note is that the employees got on us after about 10 minutes about our cameras, limiting the amount of related media we could obtain. This was due to a policy at the location itself, not because Konami was mandating no photography (no one was tending to the machines while I was there, and the arcade was virtually empty.)

Many of the new songs were very fun to play, and the options, gameplay and interface are exactly as you would expect from a US port of jubeat ripples. This version definitely seems to have a ton of potential, so here’s hoping that the true public perception is positive enough to merit a legitimate release. The game is as fun as it’s ever been, and the potential of a largely licensed songlist is rather exciting, although not too surprising given the direction all of the US CS releases have taken as of late.

version number: I44:U:A:A:2009101300

New Songs

Alice CooperSchool’s Out [1/5/8]
Baha MenWho Let The Dogs Out [3/6/8]
BasshunterNow You’re Gone [2/4/7]
Basement JaxxDo Your Thing [3/6/9]
C&C Music FactoryGonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) [3/5/7]
ColdplayViva La Vida [1/5/7]
Dead Or AliveYou Spin Me ‚Round (Like A Record) [2/5/8]
Earth, Wind & FireSeptember [3/5/8]
Kelly ClarksonI Do Not Hook Up [2/5/7]
Los Del RioMacarena [1/5/7]
Metro StationShake It [1/5/8]
OK GoHere It Goes Again [3/6/7]
Panic At The DiscoI Write Sins Not Tragedies [2/6/8]
Phoenix1901 [2/5/8]
PitbullI Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) [3/5/6]
The RamonesI Wanna Be Sedated [2/6/8]
R.E.M.It’s The End Of The World As We Know it (And I Feel Fine) [2/6/8]
TechnotronicPump Up The Jam [2/6/8]

Revival Songs

A-HaTake On Me [2/5/6]
DarudeSandstorm [3/6/7]
Ki*KiHappy Happy [2/6/9]
Mutsuhiko IzumiOrpheus In The Underworld [3/8/9]
Mutsuhiko IzumiPolaris [2/5/8]
Mutsuhiko IzumiSnow Goose [5/7/8]
SnowInformer [2/5/8]
W.T. OrchestraWilliam Tell Overture [3/7/9]

note: Our report on this location test is for the sake of informing everyone and preserving this data under the circumstance that the title is not released. We are unsure on Konami’s stance on promoting the test and do not condone organized mobbing of the location, although we do encourage everyone that is able to go check it out for themselves and try a few songs. Out of respect for the companies involved, the community, and the potential release of this title let’s all cooperate to allow the results to be as accurate as possible.

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