Reflecbeat arcade released

ReflecBeat arcade was released today. There is a full copy post from Bemanistyle:

REFLEC BEAT, Konami’s newest arcade entry in its popular BEMANI franchise, is making its way into arcades across Japan this week and has had its official website published.

The game is played using a touch screen equipped on the cabinet. A judgment line appears at both the top and bottom portions of the screen (one for each player) and notes will fall to this judgment line in time with the music. By hitting these notes at the right location on the judgment line, players „reflect“ them back to the other player (Which can be either a computer or human player) who must in turn „reflect“ them back. Points are given (or taken away) based on how well a player times their hits and the player with the most points at the end of the song wins the round.

There are several different note types, or „objects“ as the game calls them, that the game uses and they are listed below.

GOLD OBJECT: The most common note type. When a player hits this object, it is reflected back to their opponent.
BLACK OBJECT: These note types will disappear when the player hits them and will not be reflected back to their opponent.
LONG OBJECT: When these notes come, a player must hit the object and keep their finger in position until the tail of the object has reached the judgment line.
CHAIN OBJECT: These types of notes are „chained“ together and will fall to the judgment line at the same location. Players will need to „double-tap“ in order to hit both notes.
2TOP OBJECT: These types of notes will only appear on higher difficulty levels. The game will introduce four markers, two above each players judgment line, where 2TOP OBJECTS will fall and the player must touch the necessary marker in order to score points.

The game also uses a „JUST REFLEC“ gauge to add in an extra spice to the gameplay. When a player successfully hits a note, their „JUST REFLEC“ gauge will fill up. Once the gauge has been filled, players will be able to use „TOUCH & SLIDE“. To do this, the player hits the note and then slides it with their finger, causing it to reflect to their opponent in an erratic manner, making it harder for them to successfully hit. There are three gauges, so players can store their slides for later use.

If you’re still confused about the basics of the gameplay, take a look at the tutorial video that Konami has put up which we have embedded at the end of this article.

REFLEC BEAT’s songlist consists of many popular Japanese licenses (most of them being their master recordings), BEMANI crossovers, and Konami originals made for the game. The starting songlist, along with a few of the known unlocks, is listed below.

♪♪♪♪♪ – 10年桜 (Juunen Sakura) – 173bpm [2/4/7]
サカナクション (Sakanaction) – アルクアラウンド (Aruku Around) – 132bpm [2/4/5]
VENUS – Choo Choo Train -VENUS MIX- – ???bpm [2/5/7]
m-flo – come again – ???bpm [2/4/6]
♪♪♪♪♪ – GO-ON – 145bpm [3/5/7]
GIRL NEXT DOOR – 偶然の確率 (Guuzen no Kakuritsu) – 121bpm [1/4/7]
MEG – HEART – 127bpm [[color=green1[/color]/4/7]
AAA – Heart and Soul – ???bpm [2/5/8]
Half Life – J-POP – 124bpm [2/5/7]
♪♪♪♪♪ – じょいふる (Joyful) – 159bpm [1/4/6]
capsule – JUMPER – 175bpm [2/5/8]
GTS feat. BABY M – LAST CHANCE – 127bpm [2/4/7]
fripSide – LEVEL5 -judgelight- – 140bpm [3/6/8]
9mm Parabellum Bullet – Living Dying Message – 190bpm [3/5/9]
木村由姫 (Yuki Kimura) – LOVE & JOY – 173bpm [4/6/8]
大塚愛 (Ai Otsuka) – LUCKY☆STAR – 137bpm [1/4/6]
坂本冬美 (Fuyumi Sakamoto) – また君に恋してる (Mata Kimi ni Koi Shiteru) – ???bpm [1/3/5]
大島麻衣 (Mai Ooshima) – Mendo Kusai Aijou – 130bpm [2/5/7]
DEDE MOUSE – my favorite swing – 130bpm [2/4/6]
Daft Punk – One More Time – 123bpm [2/5/9]
GIRL NEXT DOOR – Ready to be a lady – ???bpm [1/5/7]
KOTOKO – 七転八起☆至上主義!(Shichiten Hakki Shijou Shugi!) – 176bpm [2/5/7]
May J. – Shiny Sky – ???bpm [2/6/8]
♪♪♪♪♪ – ソラニン (Solanin) – 159bpm [2/5/7]
Acid Black Cherry – SPELL MAGIC – ???bpm [3/5/7]
MINMI – サマータイ�*!! (Summertime!!) – 149bpm [2/4/8]
moumon – Sunshine Girl – ???bpm [1/4/6]
平野綾 (Aya Hirano) – Super Driver – 200bpm [2/6/8]
cali�*gari – -踏- (Tou) – ???bpm [2/5/7]
THE BACK HORN – �* (Wana) – ???bpm [4/6/8]
meajyu – Your Supporter – 113bpm [2/4/6]

Qrispy Joybox – カラフルミニッツ (Colorful Minutes) – 152bpm [2/5/7]
TAG – Diamond Dust – 148bpm [3/5/7]
kors k – Gymnopedie -kors k mix- – 128bpm [2/6/8]
GIRL NEXT DOOR – Infinity – 147bpm [4/6/9]
kors k Lovers DJ Yoshitaka – Juicy – 125bpm [2/6/8]
TATSUKI BOYZ – クシコス☆ポスト・青春SKAパンクミ� �クス!(Kushikosu Post Seishun Ska Punk Mix!) ( – 190bpm [1/3/7]
dj TAKA feat.flare – message – 152bpm [3/5/7]
Ryu☆ – Sakura Reflection – 181bpm [4/8/10]
CULTVOICE by S.S.D. PRODUCTS – 少女小景再妙録 ~影~ (Shoujo Shoukei Saimiyouroku ~Kage~) – 150bpm [2/4/6]
Yukky feat.Rio Kuniyoshi – スパンコール (Spangle) – 200bpm [3/5/7]
DJ Yoshitaka – Stay My Side – 100bpm [1/4/7]
kors k – Wuv U – 173bpm [3/7/9]
星野奏�*� (Kanako Hoshino) – 夢の降る街 (Yume no Furu Machi) – ???bpm [2/4/6]
PON – 優勢オーバードーズ (Yuusei Overdose) – 166bpm [2/5/7]

EeL – 777 – 200bpm [2/6/9]
紅色リトマス (Koushoku Litmus) – 凛として咲く花のごとく (Rin Toshite Saku Hana no Gotoku) – 168bpm [3/5/8]
猫叉Master – サヨナラ・ヘヴン (Sayonara Heaven) – 111bpm [1/3/5]
kors k – SigSig – 179bpm [3/6/9]
猫叉Master – Silence – 175bpm [3/5/8]
kors k – smooooch・∀・ – 177bpm [2/4/7]
ピンクターボ (Pink Turbo) – starmine-swallowtailmix- – 187bpm [3/4/7]
Sota Fujimori feat.kemy – We Can Change – 138bpm [2/4/6]


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