Naoki Maeda (WiKi)

Mého oblíbeného autora BEMANI hudby jménem Naoki Maeda se rozhodla WiKipedia nějako odstranit. Tak to tedy ne pánové. Házím sem poslední verzi z historie, a házím to sem. Pokud jste to ještě nečetli, doporučuji alespoň to projet. Budete vědět, kolik pseudonym má a co udělal. Určitě od něj znáte pár DDR songů, jen nevíte, že je to on.

Ano, Naoki používá i sociální sítě

Naoki Maeda (前田 尚紀, Maeda Naoki?, born April 28, 1961 in Toyonaka, Osaka), more commonly called simply Naoki, is a Japanese music composer and producer who works for Konami. Naoki’s official title is Konami AM Internal Sound Team.

Though Naoki worked on many different video game titles like Salamander, his most known contribution is to the Bemani series as the main composer for the Dance Dance Revolution games. Most of his songs are signed with a pseudonym. Little information on Naoki is revealed officially: for example, on an interview with several music producers released in the DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution booklet, Naoki’s profile was the least complete, not revealing his age or how much time he’s been working for Konami.




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Naoki uses over three dozen pseudonyms in attributing his work. Many of these names are simply the speed of the songs he wrote.

  • Ω (only used in „MAX 300“ and its X-special)
  • 100-200-400 (only used in „Fascination MAXX“)
  • 1479
  • 180 (only used in „PARANOiA“ and its X-special)
  • 190 (only used in „PARANOiA MAX (Dirty Mix)“, „PARANOiA MAX (Dirty Mix) in roulette“, and their X-specials)
  • 190′ (only used in „Paranoia Rebirth“ and its X-special)
  • 200 (only used in „PARANOiA EVOLUTION“ and its X-special)
  • 270 (only used in „PARANOiA Survivor“)
  • 290 (only used in „PARANOiA Survivor MAX“)
  • 8 Bit (only used in „Afronova Primeval“)
  • B3-Project (only used in „Theme from Enter the Dragon“)
  • BeForU / Be For U (sound producer)
  • Big-O (only used in „Gradiusic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix)“)
  • Black∞Hole (only used in „Pluto“)
  • Blue Destroyers (only used in „Hypnotic Crisis“)
  • Crystal Aliens (used for the „Sexy Planet“ series and „Another Planet“ for Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4)
  • D&G Music Factory (credited as in official soundtracks)
  • Dandy Mineiero (only used in „BAILA! BAILA!“)
  • D-Complex (only used for the „Ecstasy“ series)
  • De-Sire (only used in „TRIP MACHINE“ (and its X-special), „SP-TRIP MACHINE (JUNGLE MIX)“ (and its X-special), „TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX“ (and its X-special), „Healing Vision“ (and its X-special), and „TRIP MACHINE survivor“)
  • De-Sire改 / De-Sire Alterative (only used in „TRIP MACHINE PhoeniX“)
  • De-Sire Retunes (only used in „Chaos“)
  • De-Strad (only used in „Healing D-Vision“)
  • Divas (member of)
  • DJ Kazu
  • D.J. Rich
  • Dr. Vibe (only used in „Don’t Stop (AMD 2nd Mix)“)
  • Evo-X (only used in „Double Tornard“)
  • Factor-X (only used for the „Wild Rush“ series)
  • Fixx (only used in „Vanity Angel“)
  • J-Ravers (only used in B4U The Acolyte Mix)
  • KTz (only used for the „AM-3P“ series)
  • Luv Unlimited (only used for the „Candy☆“ series)
  • mitsu-O!
  • Mr. Dog (used only for „Gentle Stress (AMD Sexual Mix)“ and „Gentle Stress (Sensual Mix)“)
  • Mustache Men (only used in „Do Me (H.I.G.E.O. Mix)“)
  • N&S (only used in „Dead End“ and its Groove Radar special)
  • N.M.R.
  • Naoki (primary pseudonym [Known mostly for his songs like „Brilliant2U“, „DYNAMITE RAVE“, „B4U“, „and „RED ZONE“])
  • Naoki 190 (only used for the „Hysteria“ series)
  • Naoki in the Mercure (only used in „L’amour et la liberté (Darwin & DJ Silver remix)“)
  • Naoki J-Style (only used in „Kiss Me All Night Long“)
  • Naoki Underground (used for trance songs: „Insertion“, „Tears“, „L’amour et la liberte“, „TokyoEVOLVED“, „Poseidon“)
  • NM
  • NM Sequence Unlimited (credited as in official soundtracks)
  • No.9 (only used in „End of the Century“)
  • NW260 (only used for the „Drop Out“ series)
  • Platonix (once used by Naoki on Beatmania IIDX 10th Style, but now being used by Tatsh since Beatmania IIDX 11 IIDXRED)
  • RE-VENGE (Only used in „AFRONOVA“, its „Nonstop Megamix“, its X-special, and „ORION.78“ (AMeuro and Civilization mixes), and the „Matsuri“ series)
  • RevenG (only used in „bag“, „Sakura“, and „exotic ethnic“)
  • Reven-G改 / Reven-G Alterative (used only in „Arrabbiata“)
  • Rice C. (Used only for „Jam Jam Reggae (AMD Swing Mix)“)
  • sonic-coll. (Used for the latest trance songs, such as Flourish and Trigger)
  • Stone Bros. (only used for the „Let the Beat Hit Em!“ series)
  • TailBros. (only used for the „Superstar“ series)
  • TЁЯRA (partnered with Jun)
  • The Final Band (only used for „Crash!“ with Mr. Brian)
  • The Surrenders
  • Uzi-Lay (only used for the „Put Your Faith in Me“ series)
  • Veeton (only used in „S-A-G-A“)
  • White Wall (only used for „Pluto the First“)
  • Z (only used in „MaxX Unlimited“ and its X-special)
  • ΖZ (only used in „The legend of MAX“ and its X-special)

However, he is sometimes confused with other artists. Some pseudonyms attributed to Naoki which are not his are:

  • .3k – Konami staff composer Sōta Fujimori, the composer of „PARANOiA (Respect)“.
  • 2MB – Konami artist Yuichi Asami, composer of „PARANOiA KCET (Clean Mix)“, „ORION.78 (Civilization Mix)“, „Trip Machine (Luv Mix)“, „La Senorita Virtual“, „Max.(Period)“, „Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)“, „Fascination (Eternal Love Mix)“, and „Pluto Relinquish“.
  • STM200Takeshi Matsumoto, composer of „PARANOiA Eternal“ and winner of the Dance Dance Revolution 5thMix Musicianship Trial Contest.
  • Scotty D.Scott Dolph, singer/rapper of the „Drop the Bomb“ and „Flow“ series.
  • DJ TakaTakayuki Ishikawa, popular composer of trance and classical songs from Beatmania IIDX.
  • αType-300 / JunJunko Karashima, also known as Jun, composer of „PARANOiA ~HADES~“, „Super Samurai“, „Sweet Sweet love Magic“, „Sunkiss Drop (Alison Side)“, and „Sunkiss Drop (Jun Side)“.

Music partners

Though he writes many instrumental songs alone, several of Naoki’s songs feature vocals, which are performed by others. Commonly featured singers include Aaron G. and Paula Terry.

He’s also worked together with many other artists: Naoki is the composer and producer for the group BeForU, and with Jun (Junko Karashima and remixes with Sōta Fujimori) he makes some songs under the name Terra; along with DJ Taka he worked on „Kakumei“, a remix of Chopin‚s „Revolutionary Etude“.

In the more recent releases of Beatmania IIDX he has collaborated together with Tatsh.

Recently, Naoki worked with Bubblegum group, and JPOP Group, SHANADOO.

Songs produced

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution:

  • „Make It Better“
  • „Paranoia“
  • „Trip Machine“

Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix:

  • „20,November (DDR Version)“
  • „AM-3P“
  • „Brilliant 2U“
  • „Brilliant 2U (Orchestra Groove)“
  • „Keep on Movin'“
  • „Let Them Move“
  • „Paranoia Max (Dirty Mix)“
  • „Put Your Faith in Me“
  • „Put Your Faith in Me (Jazzy Groove)“
  • „SP-Trip Machine (Jungle Mix)“

Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix:

  • „Afronova“
  • „Dead End“
  • „Dynamite Rave“
  • „End of the Century“
  • „La Senorita“ (vocals by Thomas Howard Lichtenstein)
  • „Paranoia Rebirth“
  • „Silent Hill“ (vocals by Thomas Howard Lichtenstein)
  • „Gentle Stress (AMD Sexual/Sensual Mix)“
  • „Jam Jam Reggae (AMD Swing Mix)“
  • „Gradiusic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix)“
  • „Luv to Me (AMD Mix)“

Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix & 4thMix Plus:

  • „Theme from Enter the Dragon (Revival 2001/Notorious Mix)“
  • „Hypnotic Crisis“
  • „B4U“
  • „Burnin‘ the Floor“
  • „Do Me (H. I. G. E. O Mix)“
  • „Love Again Tonight (For Melissa Mix)“
  • „Higher“
  • „Orion.78 (AMEuro-Mix)“
  • „My Summer Love“
  • „Baby Baby Gimme Your Love“
  • „Trip Machine Climax“
  • „Don’t Stop (AMD 2nd Mix)“
  • „Get Me in Your Sight (AMD Cancun Mix)“

Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix:

  • „Let the Beat Hit ‚Em! (Classic R&B style)“

Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000:

  • „Paranoia Evolution“
  • „Can’t Stop Fallin‘ in Love“
  • „Superstar“
  • „Hysteria“
  • „Drop Out“
  • „Let the Beat Hit ‚Em!“

Dance Dance Revolution 5thMix:

  • „Dive“
  • „Ecstasy“
  • „Healing Vision“
  • „B4U (Glorious Style)“
  • „Can’t Stop Fallin‘ in Love (Speed Mix)“
  • „Dynamite Rave (Long ver.)“
  • „Matsuri Japan“
  • „Remember You“
  • „Still in My Heart“
  • „Insertion“

DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution 6thMix:

  • „Candy☆“
  • „Dive (More Deep & Deeper Style)“
  • „Exotic Ethnic“
  • „Firefly“
  • „Max 300“
  • „True… (Radio Edit)“
  • „True… (Trance Sunrise Mix)“

DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution 7thMix:

  • „AM-3P (AM East Mix)“
  • „Burnin‘ the Floor (Blue Fire Mix)“
  • „Candy♥“
  • „Celebrate Nite (Euro Trance Style)“
  • „D2R“
  • „Destiny“
  • „Dive to the Night“
  • „Ecstasy (Midnight Blue Mix)“
  • „Ever Snow“
  • „Higher (Next Morning Mix)“
  • „Maxx Unlimited“
  • „My Summer Love (Tommy’s Smile Mix)“
  • „革命“ (Kakumei, Revolutionary) (co-produced with Takayuki Ishikawa)
  • „Secret Rendez-vous“
  • „Silent Hill (3rd Christmas Mix) (vocals by Thomas Howard Lichtenstein)
  • „Tsugaru“
  • „Tsugaru (Apple Mix)“

Dancing Stage EuroMix 2:

  • „Crash“
  • „Memories“
  • „Vanity Angel“

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme:

  • „1998“
  • „Bag“
  • „蒼い衝動 (Aoi Shoudou, Blue Impulse)(For Extreme)“
  • „Dance Dance Revolution“
  • „Hyper Eurobeat“
  • „Graduation (それぞれの明日)“
  • „L’amour et la Liberte (DDR Ver.)“
  • „Love ♥ Shine“
  • „Paranoia Survivor“
  • „Paranoia Survivor Max“
  • „Tears“ (performed by Noria Shiraishi)
  • „The Legend of Max“
  • „Trip Machine Survivor“

Dancing Stage featuring True Kiss Destination:

  • „Celebrate Nite“
  • „Sexy Planet“

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3:

  • „Brilliant R•E•D“

Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection:

  • „Stars☆☆☆ (Naoki’s 2nd Style)“ (with Junko Karashima as Terra)
  • „Freedom“

DDR Festival Dance Dance Revolution:

  • „Ki・Se・Ki (DDR ver.)“

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2:

  • „Passion of Love“

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA:

  • „Chaos“
  • „Fascination Maxx“
  • „Healing D-Vision“
  • „My Only Shining Star“
  • „Peace(^^)v“ (with BeForU)
  • „Morning Glory“ (with BeForU)
  • „華爛漫 (Flowers)“ (with Junko Karashima as Terra)
  • Fascination MAXX

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2:

  • „Come Clean“
  • „switch“ (with Junko Karashima as Terra, co-produced with Daisuke Asakura)
  • „Every Day, Every Night (NM Style)“ (with Lea Drop and Ant Johnston)
  • „Trip Machine Phoenix“
  • „Poseidon“
  • „Pluto“
  • „S-A-G-A“
  • „STARS (Re-tuned by HAL) DDR EDITION“

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party:

  • „B4U (Rising Sun Mix)“
  • „Beautiful Inside (Cube::Hard Mix)“
  • „Break Down! (World Version)“
  • „Candy (UFO Mix)“
  • „Confession“
  • „Double Tornard“
  • „Heavens and the Earth“
  • „Here I Go Again“
  • „I’m Flying Away“
  • „Let it Out“
  • „Little Steps“
  • „Mess with My Emotions“
  • „Moving On“
  • „Pluto the First“
  • „TokyoEvolved“
  • „Touchin'“
  • „We Will Live Together“
  • „Will“

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2:

  • „Closer To My Heart (Jun Remix)“
  • „Into Your Heart (Ruffage Remix)“
  • „My Love“
  • „Open Your Eyes“
  • „Osaka Evolved -Maido, Ohkini-
  • „Somehow You Found Me“
  • „STAY (Joey Riot remix)“
  • „Unity“
  • „I WANT YOUR LOVE (Darwin remix)“
  • „LOVING YOU (Epidemix remix)“
  • „Racing with Time (NAOKI’S 999 remix)“
  • „REACH THE SKY (Oribit1 remix“)

Dance Dance Revolution Full Full Party

  • „BRILLIANT 2U“ (remake)
  • „CELEBRATE NIGHT“ (remake)
  • „Keep on movin'“ (remake)

Dance Dance Revolution X:

  • „A Geisha’s Dream (feat.“
  • „Flourish“
  • „Trigger“

Dance Dance Revolution X2:

  • „A Brighter Day“
  • „DYNAMITE RAVE“ (remake)
  • „Gotta Dance“
  • „You Are A Star“

Dance Dance Revolution S:

  • „A Geisha’s Dream (Ruffage Remix, feat.“
  • „Rescue Me“ (with Fracus)
  • „Say It Again“ (With DDT)


Beatmania 6thMix:

  • „Hysteria 2001“

Beatmania 7thMix:

  • „Baby Baby Gimme Your Love 2002“

Beatmania The Final:

  • „Birdman“
  • „Calling for Destiny“

Beatmania IIDX

Beatmania IIDX 6th Style:

  • „BALLAD FOR YOU“ (vocals by Thomas Howard Lichtenstein)
  • „DIVE ~Into your heart~“ (vocals by Paula Terry)
  • „L’amour et la liberte“

Beatmania IIDX 8th Style:

  • „蒼い衝動“
  • „Drivin'“
  • „桜“

Beatmania IIDX 9th Style:

  • „Be Rock U (1998 Burst Style)“
  • „MARIA (I believe…)“
  • „Prelude“

Beatmania IIDX 10th Style:

  • „DoLL“ (with jun as Terra)
  • „一途な恋“ (HYPER J-EURO MIX)

Beatmania IIDX 11 IIDX RED:

  • „太陽~T・A・I・Y・O~“(feat.星野奏子)
  • „RED ZONE“ (with Tatsh)
  • „ULTIMATE“ (with jun as Terra)

Beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY:

  • „EDEN „(with jun as Terra)
  • „I am“ (with Miharu Arisawa of BeForU)

Beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD:

  • „DEEP ROAR“ (with Tatsh)
  • „ALFARSHEAR ~双神威に廻る夢~“ (with jun as Terra)
  • „PARASITE WORLD“ (with jun as ‚Terra underground‘)

Beatmania IIDX 14 Gold:

  • „Red Rocket Rising“
  • „STARS☆☆☆ (Re-tuned by HΛL) -IIDX EDITION-“ (with jun as Terra)
  • „零 -ZERO-“ (with jun as Terra)
  • „TREASURE×STAR (with Ryu☆ fw.さちまゆ, CS version song)

Beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS:

  • „PROMISE FOR LIFE“ (with jun as Terra Works)


DanceManiax 1stMix:

  • „GORGEOUS 2012“
  • „PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME (Saturday Night Mix)“
  • „KEEP ON MOVIN‘ (DMX Mix)“

DanceManiax 2ndMix:

  • „Kiss me all night long“
  • „ENTER THE DRAGON (G’z Island Mix)“

GuitarFreaks & DrumMania



GuitarFreaks 6thMix & DrumMania 5thMix:

  • „Hypnotheque“

GuitarFreaks 8thMix & DrumMania 7thMix:

  • „BREAK DOWN! (GF&DM style) (with BeForU)

GuitarFreaks 9thMix & DrumMania 8thMix:

  • „チカラ“ (with BeForU)

GuitarFreaks 10thMix & DrumMania 9thMix:

GuitarFreaks 11thMix & DrumMania 10thMix:

GuitarFreaks V & DrumMania V:

  • „ESCAPE TO THE SKY★彡“ (with jun as Terra)
  • „シナリオ“ (with BeForU NEXT)

GuitarFreaks V2 & DrumMania V2:

  • „GLIDE“ (with jun as Terra)

GuitarFreaks V3 & DrumMania V3:

  • „ZËNITH“ (with jun as Terra)

GuitarFreaks V4 & DrumMania V4:

  • „RËVOLUTIФN“ (with jun as Terra)

Pop’n Music

Pop’n Music 8:

  • „Stars☆☆☆“ (with jun as Terra)

Pop’n Music 9:

Pop’n Music ee’mall:

  • „1/6 billionth“ (with jun as Terra)

Pop’n Music 10:

  • „Arrabbiata“

Pop’n Music ee’mall 2nd Avenue:

  • „Brave!“ (with jun as Terra)

Pop’n Music 12 いろは:

  • „夢幻ノ光“ (with jun as Terra)

Pop’n Music 13 Carnival:

  • „GET WILD“ (Cover of a popular Japanese song, Naoki also sings in this song)
  • „Masquerade“ (with jun as Terra)

Pop’n Music 15 Adventure:

  • „桃花恋情“ (with jun as Terra)

Pop’n Music 17 THE MOVIE:

  • „Fantasia“ (with jun as Terra)


  • „LOVE AGAIN TONIGHT -high speed mix-„
  • „CAN’T STOP FALLIN IN LOVE – Super Euro Mix -„

Other Work

  • „Tangerine Stream (The Catastrophe)“ (from the Remix Side of DJ Taka’s first album „Milestone“)
  • „Supernova“ (from the Tokusatsu TV Series Kamen Rider Kiva. It serves as the ending theme for Emperor Form)


  • Sometime in 2006, it was announced that Naoki is 45 years old.
  • Enjoys the city of Los Angeles, California, Spring & Summer, producing music, and personal freedom.
  • Dislikes Fall & Winter, jealousy, selfishness, and quietness.
  • Started playing piano at age 4.
  • Attended the Osaka University of Arts.


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