Tap Tap Revolution na Androida

Chtěli byste si zahrát iPhone verzi hry Tap Tap Revolution, ale máte telefon s OS Android? Nevadí. Existuje řešení.

We all know why any Android lover would stoop down to get an Ipod touch or Iphone. Tap Ta Revenge of course! A thread was opened on the Tapulous website over a year ago asking if Tap Tap would be ported over to the Android OS. A response from one of the developers Ed, was that if there was enough demand from the Android community it might be ported. With the Nexus One and 2.x+ supporting multitouch maybe the Tapulous team will have more of an interest in bringing it over to an Android phone.

So guys head over to this thread and show Tapulous how bad you would like TTR on your android phone.

Here’s the link again for those not able to click the link above: http://getsatisfaction.com/tapulous/topics/are_you_guys_going_to_bring_ttr_to_android_phones

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