ReflecBeat má oficiální stránky

Dnes Konami spustila stránky pro hru ReflecBeat. Obsahuje základní popis hry a i videonávod.

Konami stránka:

Má zkrácená verze:

Ve článku najdete zmiňované video.

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Krátce – říjen 2010

Spousta novinek, takže krátce.

  • Dnes vyšel DJ Max Portable 3.
  • Dance Masters se možná dostanou na arkádovou scénu (Naoki se začal vyptávat už i veřejně).
  • Beatmania IIDX 17 Sirius CS – fanoušci chtějí konzolovou verzi (tu petici jsem tam ale nenašel).
  • Dance Central má zveřejněný seznam songů.

Test lokace:

ReflecBeat – další dvě test locations

Jen krátce, Konami to s ReflecBeatem myslí opravdu vážně. Dnes oznámila další dvě test lokace na ReflecBeat.

UPDATE: Songlist (více v článku) a jedno video z test lokace.

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Reflecbeat test location

More info about Reflecbeat:

The PASELI location test of beatmania IIDX 18: Resort Anthem has started today. As expected, the latest build of the game features additional music and new features. In a somewhat bit of surprise, REFLEC BEAT, the new and mystic touch screen based BEMANI game, appeared for its second unannounced location test again.
In terms of songs, Resort Anthem only had one additional song. This is unsurprising, as Resort Anthem’s round of „normal“ location tests had just ended before the announcement of its PASELI test and several songs had already been added to the machine since its first test earlier this year.

[DRUM’N’BASS]kobo feat. Marsha – I FIGHT ME (175 BPM) SP:[N3/H7/A9] DP:[N4/H7/A10]

Luckily however, the newest build featured lots of new features included in the game.

-Premium Free Mode: This is a new mode that allows the player to play for 8 minutes (thus, unlike other modes, it is based on time rather than number of songs).
-A feature of Premium Free Mode is the song cancellation option. By pressing the EFFECT+VEFX buttons, you can quit your current song and return to the song select screen. Of course, this will use up your valuable time.
-Premium Free Mode is governed by a time counter on the screen. When the timer reaches 0:00, your game ends. If the timer reaches 0:00 in the middle of the song, the music/notes will not stop but apparently the movie freezes and the result screen has bugs.
-Another new mode is „DJ Order“ mode. It is described as somewhat similar to challenge mode on pop’n music. The player selects a „mission“ to complete when they choose their song (missions available include: minimum miss challenge, S-RAN Attacker, and DJ Level Master). By completing these tasks, you accumulate „DELLAR POINTS“.
-„DELLAR POINTS“ are still a bit of a mystery as of now, but they seem to be key to unlocking hidden songs.

The new BEMANI game REFLEC BEAT was also testing a month after it disappeared from the radar following its first location test. It is currently unknown whether any new features were added to the game, but a plethora of new songs have been made available for play:

GO-ON。 / ???
infinity / GIRLS NEXT DOOR
Living Dying Message / 9mm Parabellun
凛と咲く花の如く (Rin Toshite Saku Hana no Gotoku) / 紅色リトマス
サヨナラヘヴン (Sayonara Heaven) / 猫叉Master
サマータイ�*! (Summer Time!) / MINMI
優秀�*ーバードーズ (Yuushuu Kibadozu) / PON
We Can Change / Sota Fujimori feat.kemy

Two new songs have been unlocked using the DELLAR POINT system. These two songs are:

[DYSTOPIA]Dirty Androids – New Castle Legions (120-180 BPM) SP:[N6/H10/A11] DP:[N4/H9/A12]
[ENERGETIC HAWAIIAN TRANCE]kors k – Kailua (146 BPM) SP:[N5/H9/A11] DP:[N4/H9/A12]

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Reflecbeat – popis hry

Pokud vládnete japonštinou, můžete si přečíst popis hry Reflecbeat od jednoho fanouška (info poslal: kent fund).

Popis hry Reflecbeat (google překlad)

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